Upcoming Classes!

Thursday MAY 10th: SANDWICHES

As always, classes are $30. To sign up for a class, please email me at laurapotter58@gmail.com

Sandwiches: We are all looking forward to the warm weather and all that brings. Soccer, baseball, hiking, biking....what better Meal-On-The-Go is there than: The Sandwich. So simple- and yet so complex. It's bread. It's meat. It's cheese. It's veggies. It's flavored Mayo's. The whole food pyramid in the palm of your hand! We'll be making a Turkey Dip, Pressed Picnic, Fried Meatball,Veggie Wrap, and the endless possibilities of the Panini! And don't forget dessert! As a sandwich?? Of course!

Pizza: If you knew how easy pizza was to make, you'd never call Domino's again! In this class we will make fresh pizza dough, experiment with new and unique toppings, make calzones (including a breakfast version), and for a hands-on experience....we'll all make our own dessert pizza!

Watch for a surprise announcement coming May 15, 2012!

Holy Carb Overload!

I took the opportunity of a Sunday morning at home to experiment with a great bread I found at Stone Ground Bakery. I purchased several loaves of the 24" Tuscan Baguette. We started the morning with French Toast. Just eggs, milk, a little freshly grated nutmeg and the zest of one orange....I think everyone was happy. I know I was!

Of course we had leftover bread.....so I said to myself, "Why not bread pudding?" I tried a new recipe: Banana Cinnamon Bread Pudding. Instead of one big bread pudding I made individual serving sizes.

Once again....happy faces!